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Community News and Updates – February 2022

  • 1 March 2022
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Welcome to the third edition of our monthly community newsletter.

We continue the year on a high, with yet another month exceeding our predictions.

February saw the community grow by a whopping 8%, an overall reduction in the need for additional content creation and our visitor number sitting above the predicted curve. All of which are great indicators that we are doing something right and that our visitors can navigate around the community structure, finding answers to the questions they came with.

In this edition, I’ll be talking through our growth, content, platform improvements and providing an update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. I’ll also be dropping more hints on what we have coming to the platform over the next few months and beyond.


Let’s talk visitors and community growth

February saw just over 30,000 unique visitors heading to the community from the Dyson Link App.

After the early success of utilising the ‘Interesting article’ section of the homepage, highlighting our most asked questions to date, we decided to keep the same key product placements we had implemented in the previous month. This continued to support all but a few of our users during February, which as we expected, raised their own topics.

In our previous newsletter – ‘Community News and Updates – January 2022’, we reported on a very exciting milestone, where we achieved just over 1600 registered users over the Holiday season and throughout January. This was a surprising but very welcome increase of 30%.

Though we hadn’t predicted anywhere close to this for the month of February, we had set our sights on a very reasonable 5%. This figure was based off our predicted visitor numbers and the number of active app users remaining in the registration pool.

It seems that our sights weren’t quite high enough however and we saw an increase of 8% overall, which is a further 125 registered users. A warm welcome to you all.


Let’s talk content

As in previous months, we continue to keep a close eye on our existing content, review feedback, user interactions, and identify trends for immediate content creation and/or future planning.

In response to community feedback and market insight, February saw us publish a number of articles in our Voice Assistants category. All of which aim to support our Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant users with connecting, disconnecting, and using their machines with these services.

In response to a new emerging trend, we additionally created and published an article specifically designed to answer questions surrounding the onboard LCD screen ‘Alerts’ on the Purifier Humidifier range. This can be viewed via the following link - What do the 'Alerts' mean on my Purifier Humidifier LCD screen?’ 

If you’d like to be kept up to date on when our community team drops new content, simply subscribe to our ‘Content calendar’ article – here.

The top three community led engagement areas during this time were:

  • Ask the Community
  • Community news and information
  • Machine maintenance


Let’s talk platform improvement(s)

In our ‘What’s next?’ section on the previous newsletter – ‘Community News and Updates – January 2022’, we highlighted that we would be making some creative changes to the community site, introducing some updated imagery, a refreshed homepage and hinted at a new category.

Whilst we are still a few months away from fully implementing these, February saw several platform improvements, all of which had these goals in mind. The majority of these have been subtle changes to the live community, with the remaining focusing in on future delivery in our back office system.

Sidebar optimisation

This is the addition of a HTML Widget to our ‘Question and Topic’ pages. This should prompt users to create their own question should they have not found the answer they were looking for. This Widget’s CTA (Call to Action) button opens the ‘Create a new Topic’ page.

Community title - Name change

The Community homepage banner featured a message that read “Welcome to the Dyson Link App Community”. This has been updated and now shows as “Welcome to the Dyson Community”.


Sub category Icons/Thumbnails across the Community homepage and Knowledge Base have been replaced with updated designs. These designs align the Community to other channels in the Dyson Digital Space.


In preparation for future expansion, we have updated the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) text on all our category and sub category pages. In addition, the Site Identity has changed to - Official Dyson Community Support | Dyson Community.

Font styling

To align the community with the other channels in the Dyson Digital Space, we have implemented the Dyson Font type to the community space.


What’s next

What’s next you ask?

Over the next few months, we will continue to implement subtle creative changes to the community. For the most part, the existing content structure and hierarchy will stay the same, but over time further imagery, a new category section (‘Floor Care – Robot vacuums’) and a refreshed homepage will be introduced.

Next months edition will include more information about this, as well as a sneak peak on what else we have lined up later on in the year.


That’s it. As always, we’ll be posting regular updates in our ‘Content calendar’, letting you know what our most recent additions are. If you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, feel free to create a question or conversation. The best place to do this in our Ask the Community forum.

Speak to you all again very soon!

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