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who else wants better smart home integration?

  • 7 February 2024
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I have one of the air purifier fans but I feel a little let down that this feels like a first generation smart home gadget, I want plugins/skills/api’s to really integrate this fan into my smart home, I run homekit and home assistant and as far as I know other than some sketchy hacky github projects I can’t do much with the fan outside of using the app to control it or use the voice shortcut I created in the app but that has very limited abilities beyond custom scene settings and even then you have no real control over oscillation beyond on/off.


any chance one of the devs can convince a product owner that greater interoperability with the wider smart ecosystem is a win for everyone.

Imagine a world where you wake up and the fan is warming the room gently so you don’t have to have a shower and return to a cold room. You leave the house and without touching your phone the fan turns off, you’re at work and there’s no need to worry about the fan filter being pointlessly used up because you’re not home, you finish early (unpredictable times) and on the way home your fan knows you’re travelling back to your home and turns itself on at a high speed to clean up the air before you get in. You open your smart door signalling to your house you’ve returned and the fan quietens down and switches to blowing a gentle breeze in your room at the optimal temperature. You settle down to a movie and you simple turn the tv on to trigger the fan to hush or better still turn off. You turn the tv off at the end of the night and the fan goes back to cleaning the air before bed switching from blowing forward to diffusing. 

all this could be done without touching the app if you allowed smart home control, a community could build around a common api, just look at how well philips has done with their hue api, countless integrations make it ubiquitous and all they did was build a SOLID and secure API and the community built around it.


apps were cool a decade ago, now we want things to happen without opening some bs app to fiddle with some settings, it’s about reducing the time I spend aimlessly fiddling in an app and having the world around me react to the context I exist in.


That’s convenient, effortless, perfection.


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Hi @Lozenge,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us on this!

I don’t have any current news to share around plans for integration in future generations of Dyson machines, but I’ll make sure the Dyson Community is kept updated if anything changes here.

I’m not sure if you’ve already seen the following article from Discover Dyson, but it does explore some of our future ambitions around software and connectivity within Dyson machines, and the investments we’re making in these areas:  https://www.dyson.co.uk/discover/inside-dyson/engineering-careers/software-and-connectivity

In the meantime I’ll be happy to pass your comments along for you to the right teams!