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How long will Dyson support the Robot on their App?

  • 15 April 2023
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I am looking to replace my DC15 with a Dyson Heurist 360 Robot Vacuum.

I understand that Dyson no longer manufacture robot vacuum cleaners so I am concerned that Dyson will soon stop supporting the mobile app and I will be left with a bit of kit I can’t use.

Does anyone know how long Dyson plan to continue supporting the app for? 

Thanks :)


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5 replies

A nice upgrade. I purchased the Heurist last year, very impressive piece of kit! I haven’t heard that they’ve stopped manufacturing. In any case, I wouldn’t think they’d discontinue the App. If there’s a functional robot, I'd assume it will connect to the Dyson cloud/App. They might stop software update, like on the first version. This can still be connected to the App however and parts are still purchasable.

They’ve not yet retired the first version (eye). And this was released in 2016. I’d say you’re safe. 

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Thanks for the replies.

There’s no robot vacuum cleaners for sale on the Dyson website and if you search on google  the only way to buy the 360 Heurist is on eBay so it does look like the model has been finished.

I was wondering how long Dyson will keep supporting the app if they are no longer getting sales revenue from selling the machines. I would hope that at the very least it’ll be supported for 5 years.

Thanks again for your replies, I was hoping someone from Dyson would confirm but the Dyson online chat bot isn’t very helpful. It did tell me that the seller will need to un-link the machine from their phone - which I didn’t know.

This seems to indicate 10 years but I am not sure if that covers apps, it does say things like laptops, tablets and smartphones are excluded.


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You cant find parts for the Robots. They work great though.

You cant find parts for the Robots. They work great though.

Most of their parts are showing out of stock online. Maybe their trying to assess demand. I filled out the notify me section a few weeks ago, heard within 5 days the part I needed was in stock.