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USB-C port dysfunctional on Morph light w/ MagSafe charger

  • 6 February 2024
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I have a Dyson Solarcycle Morph desk light, and while the lighting functions well, the USB-C port on the unit does not work with my Apple MagSafe iPhone charger.

The MagSafe charger itself is not the problem as it charges my phone when plugged into other USB-C ports or a USB-C electrical plug adapter.

Strangely, the USB-C port on the light *does* charge my phone when I use a Lightning to USB-C cable, just not when using the MagSafe charger.

I’d like to know whether this is a known problem with this light, and whether there is a fix. Tech support over the phone was of no help. 


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2 replies

@Renucci Thanks for your post, I quickly did some searching around and it seems like that proprietary Apple MagSafe connector may have very specific power requirements, so it may not work with every USB-C port. I’d check with Apple for more specifics on that, but I’d rule out the port on your Dyson lighting machine since it does charge other devices.


@Adam.Steinberg, thanks a bunch for your insights. Yes, I figured it’s something very specific with Apple. I’ll use the USB-C on my docking station, instead, which works, mostly. Am having some MS Windows 11 issues there, but that’s getting way out of scope with this forum :)