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Out of warranty repair - Terrible customer service

  • 2 December 2022
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Very bad customer service!! Hair dryer broke, just out of warranty, Dyson won’t replace, will cost $400 to fix. Terrible product and customer service.

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15 replies

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HEY girl! What a rubbish excuse! I couldn’t be without mine! Not even for a single day 😖😬🤦!! 

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Heya @citygirl! I’d be sooooo lost without my straighteners! My hair and life would be a mess! I even binned my old pair when I got my Dyson set.


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Hi y’all! 

Put a hold on the reins! We don’t even know how far out of warrant it is! I’ve for one always had a great experience with Dyson Service! 

If it’s a few days outside, then shame on them. If we’re talking weeks or months, then I for one think it’s perfect acceptable. I’d do the same in my business. No one can expect a free lifetime service.

I don’t mean to be the voice of reason.

Lemon 🍋 

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Hi @citygirl,

I can sense your frustration here, and we’d like to see what we can do to help. Can you let us know which country you’re in? 

United States

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Hi @citygirl

Thanks for confirming. 

If you're already been in contact with our customer service experts, we’d usually encourage to you continue your conversation with them as this is the best way of arriving at a resolution. We’d like to understand this situation better however and see if we can support you and them in a resolution, within the terms of our service. If you could please drop me a private message with your name, contact details, address and the serial number of your machine, I’ll have our local moderators look into this. 



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Hi @citygirl 

It would be my please to check into this for you. Can you DM me here? I’ll take some details from you and see what we can do to make this right!

Best wishes,

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Good morning, @citygirl 

Just a heads up, please be on the lookout for an email from me, from askdysonUS@dyson.com.

Best wishes,

I am also extremely disappointed with Dyson service! Bought a supersonic dryer 4 years ago.

Quit working yesterday, just stopped while trying to dry hair. Called customer service and was told there was no resolution! To spend that much money and be told it can't be repaired? Was not expecting anything for free since out of warranty, but nothing can be done ??

That is pretty much my experience. They don’t make our part apparently anymore so they have offered nothing.  Ours was just out of warranty. I really don’t know what to think abt a company who offers no resolution to a problem other than go buy the newer better product. It’s not good. The competition does not do this. Very disappointed!!

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Hi y’all, 

I must say, I don’t agree with the bad press given to dyson! They have always been super when I’ve spoken to them. They even offered me an owner's reward to trade up to a new machine. It’s the reason I now have two supersonics!  

I personally don’t know of any other hair dryer maker that repairs the product after the warranty has expired. Who are these competitors you speak of?

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Hi Everyone. 

Great to see a healthy conversation taking place between our members. 

I thought I’d step in to help answer some of the questions raised. 

  1. Dyson provide a two-year guarantee against their Hair care category. This guarantee covers the repair or where necessary the replacement of, as well as ongoing support of the machine. These are of course stipulations within and certain terms that need to be met before an action is carried out. A full list of these terms can be viewed on the local Dyson website. Simply click on the Dyson link and search for ‘The Dyson guarantee’. An example can be seen on the UK website here - The Dyson guarantee.
  2. In the instance that a machine cannot be repaired, either within or outside of the guarantee, our customer service experts are ideally suited to discuss the options available to you and look to arriving at a resolution.



I was not offered anything. Their answer was "no resolution ".  Given how much these units cost, they should last longer. Was not given ANY options. I own several Dyson products and was very disappointed with this situation. 

I am 2 months over my warranty and they will not help me at all.  My air wrap will not work and they said it needs to be replaced but there k my solution is to buy another one at full price. 

 As previously mentioned, bought my supersonic 4 years ago and I LOVED it, so much so I decided to purchase an airwrap a year ago. When my supersonic quit (literally, stopped working while in use) my hope was it could be repaired. (not expecting this be for free).  After multiple calls to customer service and a conversation with a service center technician, was told there was nothing that could be done. The dryers are not made to be taken apart so no way to repair.  I was offered a % off a new dryer which I am sure they see as a generous offer, however, I was not willing to spend $300+ again to have the same possible result. Very disappointed to pay a lot of money for something that does not last any longer than dryers costing a lot less. Since I do not use the airwrap as much as the supersonic, my hope is it will last a lost longer. Love the technology, not a fan of the dependability and out of warranty options.