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Dyson Cordless DC44 Animal - Green Flashing Light

  • 7 December 2022
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I have a Dyson DC44 Animal and when I press the trigger I only get a green light flash on the top and at the bottom.

I have bought a new motor, battery and charger but still just get these lights on both units when pressing the trigger. I have fully charged battery.

Does the bin need to be attached for the motor to work or am I missing something?

Many thanks for your help in this matter.


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Absolutely! The dust collector and body need to be attached. If that doesn’t work, try their NO power route on the Dyson website. 


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Ohhhhhhhh Yes! Mr Dyson commanded that all his Cordless cleaners working only when full constructed! Go figure right!! I guess, he didn’t want anyone putting their fingers or tongue in the holes! True visionary!

Many thanks.

How does the motor know that the bin is attached?

 I cannot see anything.

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Hi @Elimits

On the later models and designs iterations, the unit doesn’t fully function without the machine constructed. This is where a component is missing or removed. This is usually indicated through an onboard light or Infograph. It is therefore easy to conclude one of the first iterations would react the same. I’d assume with the bin removed, there isn’t a sealed suction to the unit and it doesn’t operate. 

I’ve endeavoured to find an answer, focusing on what you mentioned when referring the light. After a quick search, I’ve found a social response from 2014. This green light is an indication to a flat battery. See the screenshot.