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Wheels coming apart gen5detect

  • 2 March 2024
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gen5detect purchased in Jan 2024 from Goodguys.

Both wheels on Motörhead has come off within 2 weeks. This is the 2nd set, as first one we got had the same problem but somehow goodguys provided the replacement.

now we awaiting for the new Motörhead.

Lot of people seems to have this problem and Dyson is doing nothing other than directing customers to contact helpline which is of no help.

Either there is major design flaw or the quality of the parts is inferior.

How can I return the unit and get refund as goodguys are refusing to take the unit back?

Thank you




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Hi @Rahul,

We’re sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed with your experience so far.

As you’ve purchased from a third party retailer your contract of sale is with them, and any decision on a return or refund would depend on their individual store policies. This is not something we’re able to influence, so you would need to continue your conversation with the retailer on this.

Under the terms of your free 2-year Dyson warranty, we can replace parts or arrange repairs when a failure is due to a manufacturing issue. I understand you’re currently waiting to receive a replacement Motorhead, but if you’d like to discuss this with the Dyson Australia Customer Care team, you can find their contact information here.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for responding.

Goodguys suggested that I should take up this matter with Dyson if I want to return the product.

So either its Goodguys who are not being fair or it is Dyson who are washing their hands from selling a substandard product and hiding behind saying the product was bought from third party. Dyson sells the product to Goodguys. 

Ultimately it is the product which has failed not once but twice with in few hours of usage and failing to do the primary job what the product is designed for.

Can you advise if Dyson has been able to determine the root cause of the failure and confirm an improved replacement product will be supplied. If not then I want to return the product.

I need Goodguys to accept the return of the defected product & retrun the money. Please advise the same which I can share with Goodguys and have this matter resolved.


Thank you

Rahul Chauhan