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Need to add some functions to the zone + app

  • 14 March 2024
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For starters, I would buy the airplane adapter if it was in stock, but we really need a more “permanent” option for wired use, especially since it’s not likely Dyson is going to support this super low volume niche product forever and the batteries are non-replaceable, being able to use them wired for long term support is just an important part. They’re built like tanks and sound incredible, but batteries wear out and it’d suck to have thousand dollar paperweights. Also nothing can do proper multipoint and I just want a wired connection when I’m at my laptop. It’s so much more convenient.

Just firmware them to wire their internal DAC to receive data from usb-c. They have a dac inside them already and with the airplane adapter existing, definitely are able to decode. It’s a nice feature to sell that charge + data cable, but if it’s not included with the headphones, we need to be able to use usb-c at a minimum. 


Also, provide a custom EQ slider for users with 6 or 8 sliders. The zones have a bit of a peak around 8khz that would be nice to be able to manually dial down. 


And lastly, let us disable ANC completely as an option - let me add double tap to cycle through all 3 modes. I frequently need neither the ANC nor the awareness, and having to go into the app via my phone (when they’re connected to my laptop) is an unreasonable chore, disconnecting and reconnecting and disconnecting and reconnecting again.


It’s frankly silly how good these ridiculous things are already. If dyson added these features and decided to just make a smaller/lighter pair of headphones without all the air filtration stuff and charged 400-500 for them, they’d somehow have a class leading product. How the heck do these sound better than the Focal Bathys and have airpod max ANC. 

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2 replies

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mamy/some of those items will be in version 2.

we are all early adopters of this “super niche” product. Dyson were expecting us tech savvy folks to give these a go and report what we like and dont like. if you saw the evolution of these, the finished product came a LOOOONNNNNNNG way from inception to final.  the company had to make sacrifices on things to get this one ready.  

these wont last forever and ill definitely get version 2 if dyson consider this a success enough to where a sequel is warrantied.

your concerns and opinions are noted and respected by me. 


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Hi @Honeybadgers,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us - this is always great to hear!

Dyson Zone™ headphones have been developed primarily for wireless use via Bluetooth connection, to provide pure audio and pure air on the go. And I did want to highlight that the batteries can be replaced at the end of their lifespan - a service which can be arranged by contacting the Dyson Helpline in your region.

I’ll be happy to pass your comments and feature requests along to the right people here. Our engineers are always hard at work evolving and improving our hardware and software - you never know what might come next!