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Air Treatment - High Pitched Buzz / Noise - Help!

  • 16 December 2022
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Hi All - I purchased a PH04 humidifier/purifier at the beginning of this year, and it has been a huge headache for me. I normally wouldn’t complain but with the amount of money I spent I think I deserve a better result.


I am currently on my 4th unit - each one has after 3 developed a relatively loud high pitch buzzing noise, that I think can most accurately be described as comparable to the sound a cicada (more like 1,000 cicadas) makes. I use the purifier as a fan/humidifier overnight night in my bedroom, and the sound occasionally becomes loud enough to wake me up. It is most definitely not normal operation, because the fan makes an acceptable amount of noise for several weeks up to a few months before it starts happening.


2 of the units replaced outright right away, and the third one I sent to the repair center where it was found to be unrepairable and replaced again. While I do appreciate the replacement machines, it seems to me that the problem is widespread if 4 in a row have had the same issue. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I’m one of those strange people that NEEDS a fan to sleep at night, so the cycle of not having one for a few weeks at a time is very frustrating 


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Anonymous 1 year ago

Hey @Steve318a 

I’d say you’ve had a really unlucky time here. We’ve had dyson’s for over a decade, starting all the way back with their AM02 and DC35. We’ve stuck with their purifiers in recent years, owning the DP04 and HP07.

I do remember a subtle noise on the DP04, if we ran it for over 10 hours it would make a slight noise, getting louder. This would stay, until we turned it off and back on again. I learnt this was from using the continuous monitoring option (which is always on) and night mode together. Turning this off in the App fixed it.

Thankfully this wasn’t/isn’t on our HP07 and the new Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™️ Formaldehyde purifying fan heater that we got in the cyber deal. Admittedly they’ve come along way since our first model. 

Maybe this is something only present on the 04 series. I’d push for an upgrade if I were you. 


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26 replies

My phooning has now slipped from a high tone to a lower tone. It goes away when I set the Dyson to level 10, but most of the time it runs on the lower levels. It's an absolute misconception when this happens to so many other users. I've often woken up at night when this high-pitched whistling started. I stood vertically in bed and didn't know what was going on at that moment. I recently did my first deep cleaning with citric acid and got some dust out of the filter. I'll now follow the tip from further up in the thread and clean the seals/lips and keep an eye on it. But if things don't improve, I'll probably contact Dyson or the store where I bought the Dyson (PH04).