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Apple Watch Ultra 2 doesn't recognize registered air purifier

  • 24 October 2023
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We have a Dyson Air Purifier (TP09). it was registered into the iPhone application, whih works like a champ.
Just now I got a new Apple Watch Ultra 2, where MyDyson app is installed. But when activated, it just says ADD MACHINE and instructing doing it in the phone application). But As I write, the device is successfully registered in phone application.

Is it is  bug in the watch applictaion not yet supporting Ultra 2? Or there is something I have to do to ceent it to the devie (both the phone, watch and the device are on the same wi-fi network of course)?
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @blapath

99.9% sure Dyson haven’t developed this beyond the Dyson Zone application. 

Dyson Zone™ Apple Watch controls | Dyson Community

I may be wrong, and I suggest reading their release notes on the Apple Store - MyDyson™ on the App Store (


How on earth does this work with. I’m sorry to say a product that is so poor in both design and function. I’m surprised it even has the Dyson name on it. But it doesn’t work with fans purifiers and heaters it’s been developing and selling for years? A connected product that would greatly benefit from the option to set comfort on your wrist. Is it just me or isn’t that a no brainer? And okay you’re doing the headphone Apple Watch app thing. So in those moments no one thought Hey! we should get our connected products support for the new watch app. 

 Things like this from company’s like Dyson that have so much regard for form and function. To miss out on the simplicity and obviousness of such function on Apple Watch is surprising alarming and hugely disappointing. All that knowledge and all those heads I can’t imagine that the thought to put support for this outrageously ridiculous product in watch app form and not well known successful products were skipped upon. And if so it’s highly disturbing the only reason that logic lines up is to rush the app out for this crap product to help appease unhappy buyers and as incentive for potential ones.