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Thermostat Location in Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

  • 22 May 2024
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Does anyone know where the location of the thermometer/thermostat on the above-mentioned machine can be found?

I believe it's reading the room temperature incorrectly. I have had this machine for three days so far.

Can these be recalibrated?


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Hi @NewToThis,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

The internal intelligent thermostat continuously measures the temperature of the airflow pulled into the machine. Your machine will heat the room to your chosen target - once this is reached, the machine will then switch to monitoring mode, drawing a low volume of airflow past the thermostat. When it detects a drop in temperature, it will reactivate heating mode.

I’m not sure how you’re judging the accuracy of the thermostat, but please be aware external thermometers may be calibrated differently - and as these aren’t manufactured by Dyson, we’re not able to confirm the reliability of their data.

If you’re concerned your machine isn’t working correct please visit and click the round purple button to launch the Dyson Digital Assistant. You’ll then be able to follow the support journey to live chat with Dyson Customer Care in your region.

Hope this helps!