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Dyson airwrap attachments being wobbly - Is this right?

  • 19 July 2023
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Just got a airwrap in the EOFY sales. Noticed a few things with the attachments which I am concerned about. In the manual it says that to connect attachments you should "turn attachments into the the main body until it fits securely." But mine seems to have a slight wobble when it use, is this normal?


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4 replies

I mean, mine has a slight wobble, if I hold it really tight. Nothing super noticeable! Are you slotting it in right? It should connect and twist. 

The only video I can find on it is this one… Skip to 1min 24 secs to see them twist one on 😘!


Ohh they also have this post. Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler: Understanding the attachment and accessories

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Hi @Ash772

A Great questions. 

I’d say that CurlyJane has already answer it. Although I’d like to provide a little further information and next steps. 

Once the accessories have been seated into the end of the Airwrap, there should only be minor movement. This minor movement allows for flexibility as you style. 

It shouldn’t however be a noticeable wobble or movement that caused alarm - if it is, its best to run through our diagnostics online for the next steps. To do this, head directly to our online support page using our Guides and manuals link.  Then select your machine from the options available and navigate through to the ‘Troubleshooting’ page. Here you will find a host of selectable options designed to support you and your machine.



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I had an older one and got a new blue one. I find the attachments don’t seat well on this one… until I play with putting them on, making sure they’re locked, and taking them off over and over again.  They settle in eventually if this is what you’re experiencing.