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Air Purifier filter change - We're so glad we did!

  • 30 December 2022
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Air Purifier filter change - We're so glad we did!
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Make sure you change your air filters. My wife purchased an air purifier in September 2020 for her classroom and it finally was down to 10% so we changed the filter. Wow! I wish I would have changed this sooner. I’m so glad she had this to protect her.


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Hi @Jeffsair 

Thanks for sharing 😀!

Yikes - that’s definitely a picture that speaks a thousand words! I’m glad you and your wife are reassured to see everything that’s been captured within the filter media, knowing it’s not still circulating in the classroom air.

An interesting fact. Our filters use a total of 9 metres of pleated borosilicate microfibres, which capture ultrafine particles and allergens. There’s also a layer of activated carbon, to remove gasses and odours. The latest Dyson purifiers even detect and destroy formaldehyde!

Just for peace of mind! Your filters should usually be good for up to 12 months use, when your machine is used for 12 hours a day. You could always change them sooner if you wanted or if your machine is under heavier use or in a more polluted environment.

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