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Dyson Purifier HP09 Formaldehyde catalytic filters - New design, is it okay to use?

  • 17 May 2023
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Hello, I have just received my Dyson HP09 formaldehyde purifier and I have noticed that the catalyst filters are totally different than what I have seen online and on the Dyson YouTube videos. Could someone please confirm if I have received the wrong filters or have Dyson changed them? Mine looks more like a carbon filter I think.

This is the look of the ones I have received:


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5 replies

This is how they look on the box and on all the pictures and videos I have seen online.

Yep. This is the formaldehyde filter. It’s the same design as the one I have. I hadn’t noticed a different between the box/material. I assume this is a part/component change, after the packaging was manufacture. Under the spare part section on the web, they’re using the same image as on the box. Marketing is obviously slow to update.

The one we have is working fine. Although, the mod team should be able to answer this in an official capacity. @Stuart @Jack C - Any insight? 


Thanks so much for your reply :) I’m only confused because I have seen in all the videos that it looks different than the one I have received. Maybe they have changed it recently. When did you purchase yours?


The filters here look totally different than mine as an example and I have seen many like this. Hope you guys can help :)

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Hi @Alina89  and @WoodenMan,

Thanks for checking in - nothing to be concerned about here! As you’ve noticed, the design of the catalytic filter on some Dyson purifiers has been updated, and may look slightly different to the original design which you might have seen in some older graphics or video guides. Just to reassure you, there's no loss in performance between the new filter design and the original one. 

It's important to remember that the catalytic filter continuously destroys formaldehyde throughout the life of the machine, and never needs to be replaced. You can just leave it in place within your machine permanently, and replace the 1- or 2-piece Glass HEPA and Activated Carbon filter when needed.

Hope this helps!