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Dyson 360 Vis Nav mapping - Feedback

  • 8 July 2023
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Hi All, I been running a new robot vac for a week now and I’m bewildered by the cleaning pattern the device uses. It can be almost random at times amd seems very inefficient (which is very anti-Dyson). The edge cleaning is also hit or miss. At times it does small sections of long edge runs which tells me that it can’t follow an straight edge well. 

I’m generally happy with the purchase but I do feel the Australia and Japan are being used as a test market to dial in the logic controlling the unit. Australian’s and Japanese are less likely to complain out loud and have a high disposable income - the perfect market to bed in a new piece of equipment.

Interested to hear others (and Dyson’s) feedback on the cleaning pattern. Does it learn? Will it become more efficient over time?

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1 reply

I agree, it is a bit random.

Try not to watch, even though it is hard to stop :-)

But so far it has done so well, our home has never felt as clean.

Love it!