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How to: Create a Topic/Post

  • 2 June 2021
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Whether it’s the first time you’re wanting to post a new topic, or you just need a reminder of how it’s done, this article should provide all the info you need. 

As a registered Community member, you can post a new topic at any time – whichever page of the Community you’re on.

If your viewing the site from a desktop, you just need to click the purple button in the header which reads “Create your topic”. Mobile users will need to click the purple button in the lower right hand corner of their screen.

Alternatively both sets of users can just simply click Create new topic.

Create your post by following the steps below: 

  1. Choose either a ‘Question’ or ‘Conversation’. 
    1. Use ‘Question’ when you need an answer or solution. 
    2. Use ‘Conversation’ when you want to share something and involve the community in a discussion. 
  2. Enter a ‘Title’. Make sure this relates to what you’re posting about and try to make it engaging and eye catching. 
  3. Add a ‘Description’. This is the main body of your content. Try to avoid using abbreviated technical terms or jargon. 
  4. Choose a ‘Sub forum’. These are the subcategories/forums on our home screen. If you think we’re missing anything or you’d like more options, please let us know by creating a post using the sub forum, ‘Ask the community’. 
  5. Add ‘Tag(s)’. These can really help Community users to find relevant content more easily. Read more about machine specific Tag(s) on our Understanding which Dyson machine I own article.
  6. Click ‘Create’. This will post your topic. 


That’s it, all you need to do now is wait for a reply. 

Read our How to: Get the most out of your posts for tips on posting.



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Thanks for providing an avenue for multi-way conversations about your products.😀