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Air quality graph is consistently the same - Any Ideas?

  • 16 October 2023
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I have a TP09, and I've been using the fan but the line graph for the air quality basically never moves. It's essentially a flat line in the green area just below the yellow area. To try to test it I tried spraying some Febreeze in front of it but it made no bump on the graph at all. I also tried smacking a chair to release some dust clouds in the air but nothing changed either. It also shows the PM2.5 and PM10 level both either at 1 or 2 which seems good but it seems too good, when the outside was around 10 and 40 respectively. Does this seem like it's working properly or is the sensor faulty?


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It does’t sound like its working to me! I agree with your conclusion, either a faulty sensor or software glitch. To rule out the latter, I’d suggest resetting it to the factory settings and attempting to download the latest software version. 

This two posts should points you in the right direction. 

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If you’re still stuck, contact dyson for an exchange.