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Cleaning the sensor(s) on your Dyson air treatment machine

  • 3 June 2021
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Cleaning the sensor(s) on your Dyson air treatment machine
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To maintain the sensor accuracy and ensure the continued high performance of the appliance, we recommend that the sensor(s) are cleaned;

  1. As part of the general machine maintenance 
  2. Every time the filter is replaced.

For best results, use a cotton swab to clean the inside and remove any debris.

Please ensure your machine is switched off during this cleaning process.


Sensor location


Generation 1

The sensors are located behind a hatch on the rear facing side of the machine. This hatch is towards the bottom of the machine, above the power cable.

There have been two iterations of the hatch design, the first is a clear material, where the second has perforated holes lining the top and bottom of the hatch.

Generation 2 - 3

Viewing the purifier from the front, with the LCD screen facing you, rotate the machine counter clockwise 45 degrees. The sensor ports are located on the left hand side.

These ports are just above the perforated filter housing.  


Identifying your machines generation

If you are unsure on the generation of your machine, please visit our Understanding which Dyson Air Treatment machine I own article. 



The Dyson YouTube channel hosts a vast amount of content that can support on this process. As well as those that provide tips on using, maintaining, and getting the best out of your Dyson machine. Simply use the on-screen search option or navigate through the playlists to start viewing these.

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