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DPD couldn't delivery my order - What can I do?

  • 10 January 2023
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I’m having an almost identical experience as this post Order Lost with DPD claiming they couldn’t deliver a click-and-collect order to a post office, and then Dyson support being essentially non-existent and not doing what they say they will.

I’m massively unimpressed.


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4 replies

I wish I’d read this two weeks ago. I’m having an almost identical experience, with DPD claiming they couldn’t deliver a click-and-collect order to a post office, and then Dyson support being essentially non-existent and not doing what they say they will.

I’m massively unimpressed.


Hi @GBMvdD

Having placed hundreds of orders over the years, with multiple retailers in the UK, this is a standard practice. Once an item has been shipped and handed to the delivery company, the ownership of that item changes from the dispatcher to the receiver. Really this means that it is your responsibility to discuss the order with the courier, amend shipping details and re- arrange any delivery. While a retailer can help, this is usual minimal, and only ever results in them reading the same information that you can see using the tracking code. 

This isn't really an excuse for all retailers or Dyson, more so an awareness that there really isn’t much they can do. 

I have found that if I’ve not been able to get an item delivered, it’s shipped back to the sender. This is usually within 28 days. Frustrating, but again, it’s outside of the control of the retailers. You’ve entered the delivery details and therefore are the only one that can amended it. 

I’d suggest speaking to DPD, in my experience, you’d have better luck going direct to the source. 


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@Kibbleb - I ordered the iPhone 13 last year through o2 (A UK based mobile service), they shipped it to the wrong address. This was an address I accidently input. They couldn’t do anything, the shipment was assigned to me via the courier. After a week of contacting the o2, declaring it was their issue to resolve, they finally contacted the courier. They agreed the only way I could change the address information was to go into the local courier office with proof of address, purchase and identification. They amended the address there and then, and it was delivered the next day!

A lot of running around, but the alternative was to wait 28 days for it to be returned for a full refund.

@GBMvdD Maybe you can do the same?

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@GBMvdD I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I feel your pain. 

I actually tried posting an update to my story in my thread.. unfortunately the Mods did not see fit to approve it. Maybe too much negative PR for their taste.


I just posted the facts of what happened and what didn't. Long story short Dyson had not done anything to help or resolve anything. Kelly did try to help but can't do much other than forwarding information to other teams who should be able to help... But do not.


Basically Dyson left me without a resolution, despite me reaching out through every channel imaginable, and multiple times at that... no one got back to me. No resolution, no steps or offers to make it up to me in any way, nothing. In fact, the emails I sent to a couple Dyson support email address weren't answered for a very long time.. but eventually I did get 2 responses. The responses claimed I did not give them a real order number and that they can't help me until I provide them with a real order number. These people couldn't even take a look at the screenshots and attachments. They had the audacity to claim the order number wasn't real (even though it was generated by Dyson) despite the fact that I had proof... Proof they didn't want to look at presumably. What did they think? I sat there with Photoshop making fake screenshots??? Lol these people don't know what they're doing and they have no idea what's going on around them.


Kelly was able to inform me they declined the order but wasn't able to tell me anything else other than directing me back to the (broken and useless imo) support phone line and chat agents. 


I gave up. I wasn't about to repeat my mistake and order through Dyson again... just to go through the same painful process. instead I ordered from Ulta. It shipped immediately. There ya go. 


I was hoping to share these updates with all of you to let you know what I went through and how I still have no resolution from Dyson. I wanted to warn everyone so you all can avoid making the same mistake. If you guys wanna maximize your chances of getting whatever Dyson products you wanna buy and minimize your chances of experiencing the pain that I and many others have been going through please please go to other retailers for your purchases.. you'll thank me later. Good luck everyone!


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Hi @Videl 

Thanks for sharing your experience. 

I’ve posted a response to your question against your original post. It can be viewed here.


Hi @Videl 

Thanks for sharing your experience – I’m sorry if it hasn’t lived up to your expectations but I can assure you it would never be our intention cause any disappointment. Please note, any moderation of your posts here have been in line with our Community Code of Conduct.

I know one of our moderators has already shared an update with you after investigating - but to recap, your order couldn’t be processed as your payment provider declined the payment. This meant your order didn’t progress any further through our system, and we weren’t able to fulfil the order. This is why our team couldn’t locate the order via the number you provided. To resolve the situation, they suggested creating a new order directly through either live chat or our customer Helpline.

I can only apologise that you weren’t informed when the order was declined, or given the option to pay via an alternative method. I’m currently working with the relevant internal teams to understand why this occurred, and to help make sure it doesn’t happen in future. I’m also investigating why you received an automated status confirmation within your MyDyson account – I should be able to update you on this next week. In the meantime, would you like me to remove it from your MyDyson account for you?

I’m sorry we weren’t able to accommodate your requests on this occasion, but I’m happy to see you’ve been able to order your machine from elsewhere in the meantime.

Many thanks,