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What to do with a UK vacuum function issue?

  • 9 January 2024
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Hi, I am new here. I have a Dyson V10 Animal Extra vacuum that has stopped working. I live in the west of Ireland but the shop (Harvey Norman) sold me a UK product. When I try to get help from the website in Ireland it tells me to call 01 475 7109. Except when I try to call that number, it tells me there is no such number. What should I do?

The battery is fully charged but when you pull the trigger, it makes a funny sound like ‘uuuung’ and nothing happens. There is nothing stuck on the roller, I took it apart and cleaned it. I am very frustrated. 


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Hi @DOB,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for letting us know about this.

We’re not aware of any issues impacting the Dyson Ireland Helpline - the number you’ve given is the right one, and our colleagues in Ireland have successfully tested this for us today.

I’ll drop you a note shortly to get some further information.

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Hi @DOB,

Just to follow up, I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to get through to the Dyson Ireland Helpline, and a replacement part has been ordered after some diagnostic checks.

You’re welcome to come back to us here at the Dyson Community if you need further advice or support at any point! 

Thanks, Jack, I may have to yet. The young woman I spoke with (forgot her name) said she would send me an email confirming the order but I have not received anything yet. 

On the 14 May, I finally received a notice that the part (main body and cyclone) is now in stock. I expected to receive it shortly afterwards, but nothing has arrived. Is there something I have to do to have it sent to me?

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Hi @DOB,

I’d encourage you to reach out to the Dyson Ireland Customer Care team directly on this - they’re best placed to review the details on your account and provide you with an update.