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How do I edit my robot's maps and zones?

  • 7 April 2022
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After your robot has successfully completed ‘Mapping your home’, you’ll be prompted to create, manage, and name each zone on the map.

If your map was left un-zoned when it was completed, you would like to recreate it or edit your zones, simply select the ‘Mapping and zoning’ option from the In-App ‘Setting’ menu and following the on-screen instructions.

Read more on this feature by visiting our ‘Viewing your robot's Map, Zones and Restrictions’ article.  

To read about mapping and zoning your home, click on our ‘Mapping your home’ and ‘Zoning your map’ articles respectively.  

1 reply

Not being able to edit the generated map is a real pain… the Dyson 360 Vis Nav keeps mapping my house with missing walls (i.e. connecting some rooms), which makes navigation inefficient and sometimes the robot can’t get into a room.  It would be good to update the software to allow users to actually edit the map (eg add walls), or even better, upload a floor plan.  This would make the product near perfect.  Thanks!