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Engineering the Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner

  • 14 May 2024
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Engineering the Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner
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Hear from the engineers behind Dyson's latest technology, the Dyson WashG1™ wet floor cleaner for hard floors. The new Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner’s unique innovations include:

  • Two counter rotating micro-fibre rollers
  • Three user selectable hydration modes
  • A Self-clean cycle to flush the whole system in 140 seconds while it charges
  • Rollers that clean themselves as they clean your hard floors

Engineered to help make cleaning, cleaner.


The Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner is currently available in the UK, China, Australia and New Zealand. Coming to other countries soon. Find out more about this latest Dyson technology here.


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4 replies

Very excited to see this machine come to market in the United States! I’ve been wanting to try the V15s Detect Submarine wet roller, however, I haven’t made the jump due to choosing the Gen5detect. The counter rotating roller bars are super unique—separating large, dry debris—without any suction! Definitely on my list of Dyson machines that I must try. Thanks for the update, Jack!

In reply to user.thom (posted on another forum) who had the following question:  do Americans still wear their outside shoes inside their homes?

(Notice this isn't in "quotes" as I can't recall the exact wording, but, this is the essence of the question posed by that user).

In short I don't have the answer, but,  here is my take on this idea of taking one's shoes off (and my view on Dyson vacs, the new mop & my Dyson vac/mop combo):

Growing up we were a "take off your shoes at the front door and put on some slippers" household.  I've continued this in my own home.  We live in Canada & apply some of my childhood family's traditions in order to keep our home as dirt & germ free as reasonably possible.  It drives me a little batty when watching a made in the U.S. show/movie and people wear their outside shoes inside.  We've even trained my In-laws to take their shoes off at the front door (it took a while but it was worth it, lol). 😁 

We introduced Dyson vacuums into our home back in 2014 and have not looked back.  We now own and use 3 Dyson cordless vacs, including the newest vac/mop combo.  This is an amazing machine with great useful technology that provides the best clean I've ever seen in a vacuum.  We love that we are able to swap batteries seamlessly to continue & finish our vacuuming task.  The mop portion of this combination works really well and is extremely convenient.

I just found out about the new Dyson mop earlier today and extremely excited about it.  I'm a little taken aback by this new product as maybe we would have bought the new vac without the mop feature and waited for the mop to be released this fall.  But, thinking about it, having both our combo vac/mop & also getting the mop when released this fall will still be a great benefit in keeping our floors clean.  I figure the vac/mop combo can be used on a regular basis while the mop only will come into play less regularly, maybe once or twice a week, to do the heavy duty work.  Or, my wife and I can each use a Dyson mop and get our 2,000 square foot house cleaned that much faster.  I'm looking forward to it.


By the way, the green light feature on the bare floor cleaning head is a game changer.  We use the new vacuum more often than previous vacuums after the green light revealed how dusty our floors actually are, and, how clean they get after just one pass with our Dyson.  I wish each attachment had the green light feature, even if powered by separate batteries and even if it cost a bit more.  It is frustrating to see the dirt with the bare floor roller attachment that has the green light then switch to a slim nozzle (that doesn't have the light) to get under appliance or furniture only to be left in the dark & try to remember where the dirt actually was seen, attempt to get it with the nozzle then put the green light back into action and reveal that only part of the area got cleaned.  If each attachment came equipped with a green light it would make the cleaning process that much more thorough and could get completed faster.  I understand a green light can be purchased on Amazon, it is relatively small and has an adhesive to stick it onto other vacuum attachments.  I'll be looking into this to see if it is a feasible idea, both logistically and price wise.

Well, until the new mop comes out I'm wishing all Dyson owners happy vacuuming, and, to all those who use another brand of vacuum or vac/mop combo (if one even exists) I'd like to say the following:  you have no idea of what you're missing out on without having a Dyson.  Cheers!🤠

We bought the Dyson Wash G1 3 weeks ago. Used it now about 5 times now. 
This machine is an engineering marvel. The designers should be given an award in Dyson. Well Done!

1- It glides so smoothly. I was amazed. The counter rotating rollers help it to move abit in the direction u pull or push.

2- Cleaning is superb. I was really surprised at the amount of muck that is collected and the color of the water. We put in the clean water chamber, ½ cap of Detol and ½ cap of floor cleaner.

3- Draining and filling the containers is very easy. The big opening makes it easy to hold (not too larg), and also to reach inside, or rinze. The threads on the jars are easy to engage. Putting back the jars is easy. When putting the individual jars to the grey body, we get a clear, satisfying Click. When putting the jars to the Wash G1 unit, we get another satisfying click sound. Well-engineered.  

4- Self cleaning works great. I like how the small LCD display reminds me to empty the red tray (for solid debris). A few times, i forgot that, and the LCD screen reminded me. Well Done!

What used to take about an hour of mopping (with much effort), is so easy now.

I totally commend the usefulness of this machine. One of the best useful buys for the house. 

Bought it directly from Dyson Australia, as then we got a free set of rollers also (which i dont think we get if we buy the unit from a reseller)

Zach (Perth, Australia)


Curious to try the new machine on our hard surface floors. Seems like a lot of new machines and technology are coming out this year which is exciting to see but my wallet isn’t very happy!  LOL