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Apple Homekit Integration

  • 31 October 2021
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Hello all! I made this topic to see how many others would like to see the integration of Apple’s HomeKit to the Dyson smart fan ecosystem. I know Siri Shortcuts exist and there’s third party apps that can integration your Dyson with Apple’s HomeKit but I would love the option to be added so it “Just works”. Anyone else have opinions on this?

Jack 4 months ago

I am considering buying the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™️ Formaldehyde HP09 purifying fan heater but I am reluctant to until I know it it support Matter (I’m not expecting Thread support as well but that would be a nice bonus) so it will fit in with the rest of my smart home.

it would be nice to get an update from Dyson about when they are likely to support Matter and if any existing products will be updated to support it. 

Hi @gtwr,

Thanks for your question! At this time, we don’t have any further updates to share around integration with Apple HomeKit, Matter or Thread. Our teams of engineers are always busy developing and refining both the hardware and software of our machines - but we can’t reveal anything they may or may not be working on until we’re ready to launch.

We understand there’s a keen interest in this area, and if we do ever have any news to share on this topic we’ll make sure our Dyson Community members are kept in the loop! 

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32 replies

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Hi @chandlermanly 

Great to see our owners creating topics about new features and functionalities.

Whilst we cannot directly comment on our future developments and technology integration plans, we do regularly review and prioritise suggestions ahead of each software release and development phase. And with each release, we aim to fulfil some of the requests that are made. Apple HomeKit continues to form part of these recent discussions.

We are also very aware of developments within the Matter Alliance ( Using it to see how it could enhance the user experience and improve the integration of our products in the future.

I will highlight this topic with our development team in the next planning increment and by doing so, it will be used to support us to continually developing exciting technology for future connected machines.

I’ll check back on this post periodically and pass any other comments and suggestions back to our teams.



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This would be incredible. Especially for the sensor information such as temperature, not just fan on/off - although using one app would be convenient. But, why go and buy another temperature sensor for a room to show readings in Home when we could be displaying that data from our Pure Cool.

Being able to also use this to trigger an automation to turn on another device would be great!

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I would LOVE homekit integration! There is so much potential for air quality information, temperature information, humidity information, etc. Automations would be fantastic. 

I feel like Dyson and Apple should just go together. Both premium products!

Integration with Apple HomeKit would be amazing!

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I agree. Dyson and apple need to work closer together. I want to see my air quality on my home app. I want to be able to adjust the temperature and set scenes with my home app on dyson. 

I’m not going to lie, I bought this thinking that it was HomeKit integrated based off of the high level description of working with Apple, etc. I guess I should have looked a little closer and maybe I would have seen it was just Siri Shortcuts. Very disappointing. I mean, for Dyson’s price point…home kit isn’t exactly rocket science. If I hadn’t basically destroyed the packaging I’d really consider sending it back. 

7 months since the thread started, are there any updates on this?  

Pretty disappointed homekit is not already a thing, I like others would have not bought had I known at the time. 

I'm going to be honest. If you're looking for a smart home ecosystem, Apple Homekit is the last one you'd want to use for a number of reasons (and I am a die-hard iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac user.)

First, Apples ecosystem is an extreme version of a walled garden, meaning in order to get approval to be used within Homekit you have to be approved by Apple, which is EXTREMELY difficult with Apple's stringent security standards (not a bad thing for customers but research and development dollars are stretched thin with most tech companies to start with.)

Second, most companies don't see a financial gain in doing so, so there is very little return on investment. Do a little research and you'll soon discover that very few tech products say Apple Homekit. There is a reason for that. It's COST $$$

Finally, both Google and Amazon Alexa offer full integration for both iPhone and Android users alike, so there is little incentive to go after the Apple approval. Alexa is my go-to simply because it is so well developed, working with nearly all smart prodcuts on the market today, from lighting to air purifiers to thermostats. Google is also an excellent choice although they don't have have as wide an ecosystem as Amazon does, their voice integration is much smoother and organic than Alexa's making communication easier. With Alexa you have to give specific commands that seem unnatural at times compared to Google. Either way you're going to be happy.

I disagree slightly, in any event, the Matter standard ( will improve things dramatically moving forward.


Companies now have no excuse for poor functionality. 

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I am very disappointed there is no Apple HomeKit integration. A very poor response from Dyson I’m afraid 😱 

I agree. I don’t quite see how integration will be possible on pre-existing Dyson products. 

I’d welcome this function becoming available at any time and on future products. I’d even purchase one that advertised this as a feature.. 


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I managed to add my Dyson Pure to HomeKit using HOOBS. It works very well I’m pleased to say. However, native HomeKit support is an essential if they want to maximise sales. 

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As you can imagine, we're somewhat limited on releasing news on any technical specifications. Right now, we don't have much we can share on any future developments which might become integrated with existing Dyson technology.

I would definitely suggest keeping your eye on our website for any upcoming announcements. If any information should become available on the possible future of Apple Homekit integration, I'm confident our Community Manager @Stuart will share more information if and when it becomes available. I'll also make sure I share what I can.

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Are you at least able to confirm whether or not it is Dyson’s strategy to support Matter? Or is that ‘top secret’ too? !!🤩

For such a premium device not to have HomeKit already available is such a disappointment. Would definitely think twice in the future before buying another Dyson product. Actually this could be the decisive point on my next purchases. Good luck! 

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Maybe it’s time to accept that Dyson are never going to allow integration of their products with Matter and HomeKit and move on to another manufacturer. Bye bye Dyson you’ve missed the boat 😭

Yeh I agree with the OP, the siri shortcuts are faulty and tbh a stupid solution given Matter is now available and well homekit was available for so long.
It’s actually a little embarrassing on the purchasers side that we paid loads of money for a device where the app and the smart-ness is actually really limited, not to mention the other defects in the products themselves 🤣
Just support would be the most meaningful update you’ve done to the app/products in forever! 

I remember getting numerous surveys while using the app and I have always replied that I want Homekit integration.  The Siri shortcuts are useless. I have tried setting them up and they just don’t work.

People talk about using third party stuff like Home Bridge - too complicated.  I just want it to integrate with Homekit without the need to install programmes and plugins. 

Seriously - who hard can it be?

Frankly, lack of HomeKit or matter connectivity is a deal breaker for me.

For years I keep looking in the store to see if Dyson has remedied this defect and no joy!


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I think it will be very possible that existing dyson products from 2021 and above will be moved to matter.


One of the requirements for matter over WIFI is that the device must support the 5GHz wifi band which the HP07 and Dyson 360 Vis Nav both support. I can also see the QR Code popping up on either the Devices screen or My Dyson App. 


I hope Dyson does support the Matter Spec. It would be such a Great thing and a Giant Leap for Dysons Smart Home technology.

They don’t tend to directly comment, other than saying it’s something they monitor and feed into future iterations. I believe @Stuart has even gone as far as feeding specific examples into the dev teams. 

hi just acquire the Dyson floor light and I desperately need integrates with my Apple HomeKit. Are we going to receive support to make this happen from Dyson or is there another way that is cost-effective?

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A year later - how about an update ?

Integration of homekit seems to be a must for any home appliance, especially in the area of air quality, temperature and ventilation. I can’t understand why a quality brand like Dyson ignores this.

I am considering buying the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde HP09 purifying fan heater but I am reluctant to until I know it it support Matter (I’m not expecting Thread support as well but that would be a nice bonus) so it will fit in with the rest of my smart home.

it would be nice to get an update from Dyson about when they are likely to support Matter and if any existing products will be updated to support it.