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Dyson Lightcycle desk Light - Under Warranty Exchange

Hi All

I have a Dyson Lightcycle desk light that has a faulty motion sensor. I was advised by the Dyson Customer Service team that the unit will be replaced under warranty. But the issue is I’ve been advised that there is a stock shortage of the Dyson Lightcycle Desk Lamp (Australian model) and they are no longer receiving any new stock in Australia. I have an active repair case on this.

Would anyone know whether production has stopped on these lights in Australia? And who can I escalate this with within Dyson (beyond the customer service team) to have a look at my specific case to see if they can obtain a replacement unit on this?

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Well well well… Is this just a stalling tactic until they get stock, hoping for you to never come back. Maybe they don’t understand what a Warranty is! To clarify, under the terms, they should repair or replace your machine.  I’d strongly, no viciously suggest calling Dyson Australia and demanding a replacement, an alternative machine or your money back...


I think the service team is the top of the shop. You can usually asked to speak to a manager or arrange a call-back. I’d like to say, a competent manager would look at the case and offer you solutions, instead of you providing solutions to them. Fingers cross you get an answer soon.