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Morph light turns on and off spontaneously

  • 7 November 2023
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I’ve seen a few discussions on here now about the morph light turning self ooff or on spontaneously.  My ought is 3 years old, just out of warranty and also does this.  I have deactivated the motion sensor as I want to be in control of the light. However, this is what happens.

  • I turn light on, it will turn itself off after between 10-30 seconds
  • Light is off, and it will turn itself on, even in broad day light.

I have been in contact with WhatsApp support since Oct 10th to no avail.  Yesterday, I spoke to support line and wa sold they can't help me as it is out of warranty.  I was told to email, but I get a bounce back from that address, so the message is undeliverable.


I must say that for a £500 light that is supposed to provide light for 60 years to stop working after 3 years and to have to stately for support since Oct 10th is really poor service.


Today I finally managed to speak to someone who arranged a repair for me for £99. That person was very helpful, however I’d say that the online support and telephone support for a premium product is poor.


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9 replies

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Hi @Stephan,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us - I can only apologise it hasn't lived up to expectations this time round. I’ll be happy to make sure your feedback on the issues with your Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ light, and your service experience, is shared with the relevant teams for you. 

I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to speak with one of our Experts and arrange service for your light. I’m sure it’ll be up and running once again very soon! You’re welcome to come back to our Customer Care team if you need further advice or support at any point.

So the saga continues.  Today I received a message saying that my repair has been cancelled as the product returned for repair does not match the product registered for repair, and yet the serial number is correct on the repair order, which should have identified the product.


I’m now left with a £500 lamp that isn’t being repaired that I’ve  paid £99 to get repaired.  Furthermore I can’t find an away of getting it repaired,  Come on Dyson, what is going on.  How can you possibly Sewel a premium product that three years later on cannot be serviced/repaired, and why do your serial numbers not correctly identify the product?  


Hi Dyson team - given this appears to be a recurring and known issue with the Light/SolarMorph series of lights, can I ask what Dyson’s plan is to resolve this issue moving forwards please?

The LightMorph I own has begun to do this now, and searching on the internet there are many users reporting the same issue, which seems to stem from an issue with the Power Supply Unit:

I don’t believe it is a sustainable approach to expect customers to purchase a new PSU every couple of years for the light?

Hi @Jack Is there any way you could help to get some traction here please?

I was recommended this product from a friend and both she and myself have had issues after the warranty period ended (I’m in around the 3rd year of my ownership of the LightMorph too)

As I posted above, it seems to be a recurring issue for a lot of users and being charged 99 GBP for a service I think after 3 years points to a potential issue with the product family than with individual units.

Given the amount of users reporting issues with this, I think it warrants further investigation as, as things stand currently, I would not purchase another Dyson product based on my experiences with the LightMorph

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Hi @LightO,

Thanks for letting us know about this. Despite extensive testing during the development process, it’s possible for occasional failures to occur in real world use - but we’re not aware of any issues like this that routinely impact Dyson lights.

Products within the Dyson lighting range include a free 5-year guarantee period, so if you’re in the third year of ownership, it sounds like you should still be covered unless the guarantee has been invalidated through misuse, etc.

For support with your Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light, you'll need to talk directly to our Dyson Customer Care experts in your region.

Please visit and click the round purple button to launch the Dyson Digital Assistant. Then click the agent icon in the bottom left corner of the chat window to start a conversation with our Customer Care team.

We'll look forward to speaking with you!


Hi @Jack Appreciate the response - I called up Dyson and they repeated the fact that the warranty had run out - I told them I purchased it in 2020 and had proof and the product had a 5 year warranty, and apparently someone on Dyson’s end had registered my product incorrectly (with a 2 year warranty).

They are sending a new PSU out to me and if I continue to experience an issue they’ve said I can get the unit swapped out.

Can I please ask if you could get this issue investigated further on your side?

As you can see from a number of posts on the Dyson Community page as well as the Reddit page I posted - this is an issue which seems to occur quite often on these lights and it would be good to get to the root cause of this issue - as if the problem occurs every 3 years (for example), then I’d be loathe for it to happen on the 6th year of ownership (when my device will REALLY be out of warranty).

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Hi @LightO,

Thanks for coming back with an update - I’m glad to hear our Contact Centre has been able to correct the guarantee coverage, and to order you the replacement part you need. I can only apologise for any confusion there.

I understand your concern and I’ll be happy to pass your comments along to the relevant teams for you. I can reassure you the reliability of all Dyson machines is something we continue to monitor very closely across multiple channels throughout production - in addition to the extensive testing which happens in our labs (and in real home environments) during development. It is important to bear in mind the vast number of machines working reliably in owners’ homes!

I appreciate your efforts @Jack - I work in IT and am technical so would be interested as to what the cause for the similiarity in the reported issues of this nature.

Many thanks again

Hi @Jack So I received a replacement PSU under warranty - and I am happy to report that it has resolved my issue (touch wood!)

Do you want the faulty PSU back so you can do some diagnostics etc on it?