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Why do headphones only come in one ugly color?

  • 15 April 2024
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As amazing as the features of the Dyson headphones sound, the color alone is enough to prevent me from purchasing. Why can’t Dyson create headphones in a variety of colors? Personally, the Blush/Copper color that the new hair tools come in is absolutely beautiful. Why not make pink headphones as well? I’d purchase those in a heartbeat. Any thoughts?


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2 replies

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different strokes. i think the blue color is nice, as do many others. im sure there are also other people out there who are not purchasing because the headphones dont come in cheery fire engine red or  mocha fuschia violet! 😉

this product is VERY niche, version 1. cant expect them to have every color under the rainbow. maybe version 2 ( if there ever will be one) will have your color. 

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Hi @joenni.abreu,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

Colourways will always be subjective as they depend on a user’s personal preferences, but Dyson Zone™ headphones were launched in two colourway choices - Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue, and the Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ in Prussian blue/Bright copper.

I’ll make sure your feedback is passed along to the right people. Our engineers work tirelessly to iterate and improve our technology, so you never know what the future may hold!