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DYSON PH04 (Humidifier) with bad smell, even after deep clean/clean filters

Does anyone have a solution? Tech support said I should email them and they have not responded for 3 days. Customer service has been getting worse over the last few years. 

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When you say “bad smell” do you mean its a damp smell, like mould or like wet washing? 

fishy smell , almost. Was on evaporator but then i deep cleaned it and let it dry and i also vacuumed the all the vents

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That is an unpleasant smell.. 

Stupid question time...

You’ve not tried to wash the filters or got them wet have you? If so, the smell is coming from here!

Have you used essential oils in the tank? If yes, the machine might need to go through another deep clean.

Is there algea in the tank? If yes, this will need to be washed out.

If none of these, I’d hazard a guess and say that the deep clean cycle either hasn’t picked up everything or it couldn't clean the entire machine. Check the pump for a blockage and maybe try again?

Sorry that is as far as my expertise with a humidifiers takes me. I’ve not had one since early 2021.


no , didnt wash filter just vacuumed them, no oils. washed tank with soap and water. pump working well. evaporator i cleaned extensively but that gets wet all the time of course. Smell is gone from evaporator. Not sure how to clean inside of vents other than vacuuming. 

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The soap could have been carried through the machine. I remember having something similar and I had to rush out to buy Citric Acid to rinse the machine through with. The tank started to foam and bubble when in use. Very funny but not ideal...

I’d suggest using Citric Acid and wiping the machine over with it. 

I believe the community manager @Stuart posted a while ago with how to clean the machine. Let me see if I can find it..


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Found it - Keeping your purifier performing at its best | Dyson Community

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Hi @docroty 

I was sorry to see the issue that you’re having with a bad smell that seems to have developed after performing a deep clean on your PH04. If you do perform another deep clean with the citric acid, and still experience any type of odor, please get in touch via our WhatsApp channel and one of our team will be happy to discuss the next steps. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and select ‘Start a WhatsApp conversation’.

If you'd prefer, you're welcome to call the Dyson Helpline to speak with our experts directly. You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.

Best wishes

Hi, i have already done that and spoken to WhatsApp team and have had email correspondence with US Dyson team to see how they can replace the device as it still emits a sharp powerful odor. 

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This is very disappointing to hear. Would you mind dropping us an email to askdysonUS@dyson.com? 

I already have . It seems response times are much slower now than even during prime covid times. I always received responses in 24 hours in past. Much longer now. 


I’d say you’d need a replacement filter set or a new machine. In my experience a ‘off’ smell has always come from the filters. Usually when wet.

I’m not sure if “Smell” is something that covered under the warranty, but I hope they resolve it for you quickly. If they can’t, try purchasing a new filter set and seeing if that fixes it. 


Thanks , I will do that if I can't get it replaced. 

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Good morning, @docroty!

I would again invite you to contact our US team directly via email at askdysonUS@dyson.com if you haven’t already done so. We remain keen to assist you further.

I have on multiple channels. Unnfortuantely the service center is 30 miles from my location and your item is out of stock so I just have to wait with my non functioning machine till that changes.