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I find the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifier fan heater very expensive to run!

  • 7 December 2022
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Now the price of electricity in the UK has risen steeply I am finding the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™️ purifier fan heater very expensive to run! The heater warms the room a few degrees higher than requested then the cooling fan cuts in to cool the room down. The fan is quite cold when this happens! So the machine is constantly running - making it expensive to run. It would have been better to heat the room to the temp requested and only start heating again when the room temp drops same for the cooling fan.

5 replies

It is a very worrying time isn't it! Bills are soaring everywhere, just the other day my local store put the cost of milk and bread up by 5p each. While this sounds small, everything else is still increasing. 

Thankfully, I’ve tracked a reduction in my house bill by using AUTO mode. I’d really suggest you do the same! Even dropping the temperature by a degree or two can make all the difference. 

Hi. I think of seeing a cooling post. View this for help. Why isn’t the air purifier cooling my room down.

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Hi @steph3n 

One of the drawbacks I’ve experienced as well; in the colder months our machines that provide heat, like the Pure Hot+Cool do draw more power.. If you utilize auto mode, and set a target room temperature, it will heat the room, until the unit reads that room temperature, at which time you won’t notice heated airflow, but the machine will remain on. If there is a dip is the temperature, then you’ll notice heated airflow again. This may be a more cost-effective way to utilize the machine in cooler months, rather than just turning on the unit to blow heated air when you feel a chill in the air. If you’re taking a room that’s 65 degrees for example, and warming to 75, that seems as it would take more energy, than to maintain a room temperature of 72 - generally speaking. I may be completely off-base, but I suspect @Stuart will be able to provide a more official answer for you.

Hi @kellym thanks for getting back to me. Even though I bought this about a couple of months ago - I think it’s out of date already as my remote does not allow auto mode and I do not have a round digital screen on the front or Wi-Fi access for the machine. The Dyson store were out of stock when I was looking so was pleased when I saw Argos had one… I think I got a previous incarnation!

This post helps ID the Purifier you have. They split it into generations on here.