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App Release - 5.1.21340

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We update the Dyson Link app regularly, so your machine always performs at its best.

Every release includes improvements, from bug fixes to performance updates and increased reliability.

Specifically, this update includes: 

  1. An introduction to the Dyson Link App Community
    1. Users with a registered EC machines and in the UK and Ireland region will be able to access the Dyson Community through either:

      1. Clicking ‘Show me’ on the home screen pop up.
      2. Clicking ‘Community and knowledge base’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.


Community Pop up - EXAMPLE


‘Settings’ menu - EXAMPLE


  1. A value indicator for the data visualisation graphs
  2. An introduction of a Data Scrubber
    1. Users will be able to view details of data points on the data visualisation graph.
      1. Android users - This is activated with single tap.

      2. iOS users - This is activated with tap and hold.

Data Scrubber - EXAMPLE