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App Release - 5.1.21420

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We update the Dyson Link app regularly, so your machine always performs at its best.

Every release includes improvements, from bug fixes to performance updates and increased reliability.

Specifically, this update includes: 

  1. An expansion of the Dyson Link App Community into further Markets
    1. Users with a registered EC machine, located in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong regions will now be able to access the Dyson Community through either:

      1. Clicking ‘Show me’ on the home screen pop up.
      2. Clicking ‘Community and knowledge base’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.


Community Pop up - EXAMPLE


‘Settings’ menu - EXAMPLE
  1. Integrated Support Chat. A one to one chat functionality embedded into the App, making it easier to chat with Dyson Support.
  2. Easier linking with Amazon Alexa. Users can now make use of the LWA (Login With Alexa) flow to enable the Dyson Skill.