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App Release - 5.1.21460

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We update the Dyson Link app regularly, so your machine always performs at its best.

Every release includes improvements, from bug fixes to performance updates and increased reliability.

This update includes: 

  1. A number of copy corrections, which include further on-screen explanation and removal of historic/outdated text. 
    • Minor copy implemented across:
      • Indoor air quality screen.
      • Air quality insights screen.
Indoor air quality screen - EXAMPLE
Air quality insights screen - EXAMPLE
  1. Further improvements to LWA (Login With Alexa) flow to enable the Dyson Skill.
  2. User facing bug corrections / fixes.
    • Daylight Saving Time
      • At the time of the Daylight Saving Time change, some users may have seen:

        • A duplication of their Sunday graph.

        • The graph not reflecting the most recent change in hours.
    • Heating Control
      • Interacting with heating controls on the in-app remote didn’t reflect an onscreen change in temperate.