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Will you be improving the mapping function for the 360 Vis Nav?

  • 18 June 2024
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The mapping process for the 360 Vis Nav is buggy and doesn’t provide any function for refinement or amendments to the floor plans (other than a completely new map), are you planning an upgrade?

I’ve had to turn all my lights on, move things off of the floor over the entire house etc and despite this it’s come up with incomplete maps three times for various reasons (got trapped twice, room too dark once).  I haven’t been able to zone my house because I’m struggling to get a map with at least all the rooms on it and I’m not keen to run it a fourth time in two days.

Could you please upgrade the mapping system so it updates after cleans?  I bought this machine as an upgrade for my 5 year old Roomba and it’s better in every way… except this.  The ancient bot I’ve replaced had an excellent adaptive mapping program that refined the map after every run and I’m really surprised the Dyson doesn’t do similar (or at least allow “ammendment” mapping runs to update existing maps).  It clearly captures the location during the entire run because I see the dirt map in all the areas it hasn’t mapped.



3 replies


Great vacuum but not so great robot, there are a lot of complains about the mapping of the robot and it acting up when cleaning the house (not visiting rooms, getting stuck, etc).

It’s on sale and it’s very tempting but, I’m unsure whether I want to spend that much money on a replacement with less features and worse mapping, its a downgrade on every single aspect excluding the vacuuming performance (I own a roborock S7 ultra maxv).

Regarding your question, its likely to improve but that will take time, irobot is the only company that can do a decent mapping of your house with a camera because they have been in business for decades and have been iterating over the same technology over and over.

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Hi @Ullr,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

Thanks for your feedback on your experiences with your Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot’s mapping process. I’ll be happy to make sure this is passed along to the right teams for you.

I can reassure you that we continue to iterate and improve the software of our connected machines. Make sure your Dyson robot and MyDyson™ app are set to receive automatic updates, so you can be confident you’re always benefitting from the most recent software, features and fixes.

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Good luck with that.  I’ve had problems with mine since I got it, especially with the completely useless mapping.  The main issue for me is that it is haphazardly mapping our house, but will not allow us to place diagonal dividers, since our house has non-90° angles.  With it filling up and requiring us to babysit it because the bin is so small, we’ve gone back to our Roomba.  

Hoping that SOMEDAY they will provide a software update to the app that fixes this…for now we let the Roomba do the actual vacuuming, then watch the Dyson wander around because it’s pretty.  It’s more of a decor item at this point that says to our guests “I paid a lot for a Dyson.”

It’s so frustrating.  @Jack, any updates on adding diagonal dividers?  I ended up with COVID and missed the window to return mine.  I got tired of fighting customer service on this.