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Upright ball animal 3 - Low profile attachment

  • 14 January 2023
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With the dyson animal ball 3 there is no attachment to clean under the bed etc. I phoned dyson to see if I could buy and use the ‘flat out head tool’ that originally comes with the multi floor option and they didn’t know and just said to purchase it and see, but it’s not showing as available now.
The ball animal 2 came with a low profile cleaning head. That’s what I’m after something low to get under the beds. But I don’t know what will fit or if there are any work arounds like 3rd party attachments or adapters.



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7 replies

Surprising, the staff don’t always know the parts that are compatible. You’ll get more help here for sure! Have you visited How to: Order spare parts and accessories | Dyson Community. The link takes you through to their accessory store.

Their Flat out head (912072-05) is only showing against their model with the Telescopic handle. I see that the tools across the Telescopic and Instant Release handles all have a red button catch, the same as the head. I’d guess you’d be fine to use this.

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Thanks @CharlieBoy1 for your reply! I will see if I can get my hands on a Flat out head then. 

Hey there @Jayne33 The flat out tool would be the attachment you would need. @CharlieBoy1 is correct that with the quick release attachment (red button) that it will work with your machine! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

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Hi @Teanna.Cannon, that’s great, thanks!

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Does anyone know why all the other parts have options to buy or be notified when in stock but this part just says to contact?


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@Jayne33 This usually happened when they make a change to the part number. Switching from old stock to new. Probably why there isn’t an image either and why they ask people to contact.  

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@Emma.S ok, thanks!