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How do I create a restriction and manage these areas?

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After your Dyson 360 VisNav™️ robot vacuum or Dyson 360 Heurist™️ robot vacuum has successfully completed ‘Mapping your home’, you’ll be able to create restrictions.

Restrictions are a set of commands that can instruct the robot to operate a certain way when going into different areas of the home, which should ultimately lead to more reliable cleans.

Restrictions can be created by following the on-screen instructions under ‘Mapping and zoning’ in the In-App setting menu. If you are unsure how to find this, read our ‘Viewing your robot's Map, Zones and Restrictions’ article.  

To read about the different types of restriction that can be set in the home, view our ‘Creating restrictions’ article.

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Dear Dyson Team,

I am writing to provide feedback on my experience with the Dyson Vis Nav 360. As a premium product, I have high expectations for its performance and usability. Overall, I am very pleased with the vacuum's cleaning ability and navigation capabilities. However, I have encountered some issues with the Dyson Vis Nav 360 app that I believe could be improved.


App Restrictions

One of the main limitations of the app is the inability to draw diagonal restrictions. This restriction makes it difficult to accurately define areas that I want the vacuum to avoid, such as corners or areas with furniture. It would be much more convenient to be able to draw restrictions diagonally to ensure that the vacuum does not enter specific spaces.


Notification Categorization

I appreciate the app's notifications for important events such as when the Dyson Vis Nav 360 needs assistance or has a fault. However, the app categorizes regular maintenance reminders as "faults" under the same "Check Your Dyson" notification tab. This can be confusing and misleading, as a fault typically indicates a more serious issue. I suggest creating a separate notification category for maintenance reminders, such as "Maintenance Required" or "Check Dyson for Maintenance."

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Hi @Ern.308,

Welcome to the Dyson Community. It’s great to hear your Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot is working well for you!

Thanks for taking your time to share your feedback around zoning and notifications. This is very useful to hear, and I’ll make sure your comments are passed along to the right teams for you. Just to reassure you, our engineers continually work to refine both the robot’s own software, and the features available within the MyDyson™ app - unlocking new benefits and enhancements for Dyson robot owners. Stay tuned for future updates!