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  • 13 February 2022
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I have been using the new TP09 Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde in my living room for about 3 months now. It now has a filter life of 91% but is already blowing out unpleasant rancid smell. It however still indicates that the air quality in my living room within the green zone or the auto target range. I place an open bottle of pure lemongrass essential oil in my house with the intention of killing germs. Is this the cause of the rancid smell? What should I do? Do I need to replace the HEPA filter now? 

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Hi @laivida 

A rancid smell could be an indicator that the filter has got wet or been saturated by the oils you left out. How close to the machine / filter did you have this bottle? 

The filters on the purifier aren’t washable. I recommend following the advice on the cleaning your machine article. If this doesn’t remove the smell, then a new set of filters might be needed.

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The filter life in the App won’t show if the filter is wet or that it has pulled in oils. It is a reflection of overall use. The amount of time you have the machine on and how many pollutants it records over a given time. 

There is an article that can explain how the filter life is calculated better than I can.

I agree with Charlie, if you can’t locate the cause coming from something else in the room, a replacement filter might be best. Have you tried removing the oil from the room and seeing if that makes a difference?