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Capturing gaseous pollutant

  • 4 October 2021
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Traditionally, filtration relates to removing particles from airflow – the job of a HEPA filter. But Dyson engineers understand the components of indoor air, whether in homes or commercial spaces, and have redefined filtration to respond to all the pollution problems indoors – not just some.

In addition to the HEPA filtration layer, Dyson purifiers use carbon to absorb gaseous pollution. The activated carbon layer, impregnated with a chemical known as Tris, captures gaseous particles including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and oxidising gases such as NO2 (produced by traffic pollution or combustion). Carbon crystals are porous, and like a sponge with water, carbon can absorb gases, odours, domestic fumes and VOCs.

To read more about Filtration at Dyson click on our At the core: Filtration link.

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