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Can I run the air purifier continuously?

  • 19 August 2023
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How long can an air purifier run continuously ? should I run my air purifier 24/7?

How often should i run my Dyson purifier humidify+cool formaldehyde ? Can i leave my air purifier on all day and all night?


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1 reply

Hi There @bitahajimiri 

Whilst it is your choice on how you run your purifier, it can be run continuously. 

The latest versions of the purifiers have some unique features to help you with this, even allowing you to run the machine overnight. 

I’d suggest familiarising yourself with these posts: 

  1. Using Auto mode (Purifier, Heater and Humidify) - In Auto mode, the on-board sensors will intelligently adjust the settings of the machine according to the air quality.
  2. Using Night mode (Purifier, Heater and Humidify) - Night mode uses one of the machine’s quietest fan settings and dims the overall display brightness. The fan speed can be manually increased whilst in this mode.

Don't forget to read the Is there a best place for your Purifier? for how to find the best place for your machine in the home. 

I hope this helps!