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  • 22 November 2022
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Has anyone else had issues with false advertising here? A few day ago we tried to purchase the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean (Blue) for $399.99 as advertised on this site and the shopping cart would not let us check out unless we paid $599.99!! After chatting for ½ hour with the virtual assistant, I was promised someone would get back to me but that never happened! I want to know if anyone else had this happen, as I intend to write the FTC about this.


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Hi @haden 

Thanks for posting a questions to the wider community. 

As this isn’t something I’d expect other members to have experienced, I thought it best I respond. 

Allow me to firstly offer assurance that this is not standard operating procedure. Dyson have always adhere to the strict advertisement standards and continue to do so. 

There could be number of reasons applied to a price variation at basket. The first, is tied to the discount being subject to change at any stage. As highlighted in the Terms of Purchase from the website. Any item, across any site can change in value until the purchase has been made. This is when the goods become ownership of the purchaser. That in mind, the most common cause I can think of and that I see on various sites is that of the browser timing out. Saving an earlier version of the website in an offline state, with an outdated value. Once proceeding though the purchase journey, this is the updated. 

I can of course look into the onsite discount and discover when this was updated and/or removed. Feel free to drop me a Private Message with your contact information. Once I have an answer, I will have one of our local agents reach out to you. 

Lastly, allow me to highlight t the time of writing this, that our latest technology, the Dyson Ball Animal 3 Extra is currently on sale at the $399.99 price. This is the next iteration in the series, with 3 cleaning modes and the new de-tangling technology. 

I hope this helps.