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Motor head falls off

Motor bar keeps falling off. 4 times now and just earlier today put this replacement from Dyson together. So much for a new replacement. 

Anyone ever have this problem? And of course, the live chat is a bot. What a joke, they say they do not understand. This will be my 3rd Dyson hair vacuum but maybe my last. Very frustrating to say the least. 


Best answer by 10bigred 1 June 2024, 03:04

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Hi @10bigred,

Welcome to the Dyson Community! 

Are you able to let us know exactly which model of Dyson Animal vacuum you own so we can see how we can help? You can add a photo of it if you’re not sure.

In the meantime, just to let you know you can reach a live chat agent within our regional Customer Care team via the Dyson Digital Assistant by clicking the agent icon in the bottom left corner of the chat window.

@Jack, thank you kindly for your reply. I have a ball animal 3. So, have you ever heard of the motor bar falling off?

At 1st I thought I just didn't have it clicked in enough. But no, my husband came and did it another 4 times for me and the same thing. A couple of times, as soon as I leaned it back to turn on, it came right off, the others….I was able to vacuum a bit and when I would walk backwards, it fell off too! Very frustrating.  I don’t remember putting my last 2 Dyson ball animal 2 together. Personally, I think this is poorly designed. 

I also see dyson registered this as it was my original dyson purchased in 2021. So my warranty is not good for 5 yrs. It's not my fault the part was not in stock for well over a month and no one could tell me when they would have one. I have 2 cats and well, you can imagine my house is like furballs everywhere! Not a happy camper right now.  Leads me to believe that my original one is no longer being made? I was sent this one as a replacement. Makes me wonder if I got a refurbished one? For getting a new one, why can't I have 5 yr warranty? And why does the head keep falling off?

@Jack, I replied to you and my reply apparently was not approved. Good grief! My response is not here, giving you my model and other information.

Please tell me where the agent icon exactly is from what screen. I do not see one in my dyson account.

@Jack The only chat I see is a bot, on the left side it says click on the live chat on the right hand side. It is a bot, has no idea what I am saying.

@Jack would you please answer my question on the live chat that is not a bot please?

My original post is marked as solved, what a joke! Nothing is solved!