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Has the formaldehyde filter changed?

  • 9 November 2022
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Received a TP09 and its SCO filter looks different to the one used in marketing materials and other live images I’ve seen. The design on the TP9 internals appears to have also changed to accommodate the step in of the new design / stop it being used in non formaldehyde models. 

I’ve also seen reports that this new filter isn’t as affective at the original so HCHO levels don’t reduce to zero.

Can anyone confirm the change? 


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Hi @Heyhey88,

Yes you’re right! Materials and the finishing of the filter was changed recently.

On TP06s and early manufactured TP09s have a metallic finishing, and the SCO filter material is thinner than the new one. So the material is spread vertically.

However, newly manufactured TP09s have thicker, and condensed material on the half of the filter area. It also has fabric finishings rather than the metallic ones.

No need to worry, as it would function still the same. Dyson should have definately checked the performance before making any amendments.

Hope this one helps!